PSCgallery Price List

 Ordering Information

Instructions for ordering prints and paintings can be obtained by filling in the Contact form. Our studio is in Kent, United Kingdom. Images are not framed however there is an excellent custom framer close by that we work with. We can ship anywhere and payment will be via PayPal or cash only. Prices include VAT, all artwork unframed unless indicated otherwise.

 Handmade Print Greeting Cards

  • Price Code A £4.00

    Small Handmade Prints

  • £60.00 CODE C Single pass through press
  • £100.00 CODE D Multiple passes through press
  • Under 300 sq in

    Large Handmade Prints

  • £200.00 CODE E Single pass through press
  • £350.00 CODE F Multiple passes through press
  • 300-600 sq in

    Oversize Handmade Prints

  • £450.00 CODE G Single pass through press
  • £600.00 CODE H Multiple passes through press
  • Over 600 sq in


  • CODE J Individually priced