My art inspires calm

PSCGallery Artist

There is a beauty in the landscape that fascinates me. Interpreting and reinterpreting it entices me. There is an impression of vast spaces, cool atmosphere, warm earth and the ever-present wind. Something is always replacing something else; bare earth follows crops, sheep now graze where the deer once did and crops blow where woodland once grew. These are the things I love. 

The Canadian Prairie becomes a series of planes, points of view. Space is fragmented, played with and added up again in different ways. The atmosphere of the land speaks of cool peachy dawns, hot golden harvest days, long blue-green summer evenings and misty violet windy nights. Stalks of hay, the grain of wood and the naked branches of trees are all lines, which widen or narrow as you approach or walk away. The colours, textures and materiality are unique.
The natural beauty that surrounds me on all sides inspires my abstract depictions of the English countryside.